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Woodland Forest Soap

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We named our soap business after our neighborhood. The woodland forest in which we live brings us much joy. During some seasons owls sing us to sleep. During others we watch deer, skunks, turkeys and hummingbirds pass through our yard. It reminds us to care for the earth and to choose products that will not damage our environment. Cathy began making handmade soap because she wanted a safe product for her sensitive, very dry skin. Our soaps contain no chemical preservatives. Our bars contains oils that your skin will love; olive, hazelnut, avocado, sweet almond and wheat germ, to name a few. We use herbs from our organic kitchen garden to include in our recipes. We even have our own worm farm and uses the worm castings for fertilizer in the garden. “There is nothing more satisfying than walking into my own backyard to harvest organic herbs and then make soap with them the same day!”

These are NOT soaps that are made by the melt and pour method. Cathy makes everything by hand in at home. She mixes food grade lye with vegetable oils and butters. In the final stage she mixes in natural essential oils for scent. Products used in manufacturing are purchased locally whenever possible.

Your skin works very hard cleansing your body of impurities while absorbing light and moisture. Your skin accepts water and oil soluble materials through your pores. You must carefully choose what products to apply to your skin. It is a protective barrier for your body, but toxins can damage this barrier and inhibit skin functioning. Choose Woodland Forest all natural soaps and lip balm. We offer organic, natural and goat milk soaps.

We specialize in making soap to order and sell in loaves. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Stay dirty my friends!

Tropical Jasmine

Fragrance: Jasmine

Borage Facial Bar

essential oil: Palmarosa 

Mermaid Tail

fragrance oil: crisp cotton